Finland's Improv Training Center

What is Improv?

Improv, or improvisation, or specifically “improvised comedy”, is a form of theatre where everything is made up. The characters, plot, dialogue and story are created spontaneously, often based on suggestions and input from an audience.

Who Does Improv?

Improvisers are more than actors. They’re also philosophers, students and teachers. So naturally, improvisers come from all types of backgrounds: Engineers. Musicians. Designers. Students. Artists. Athletes. Writers. And much, much more!

Why Do Improv?

Here are just a few reasons:
Laugh More. Make Mistakes. Play More. Meet People. Learn Something New. Challenge Yourself. Support Your Team. Boost Your Confidence. Perform Better. Share Stories. Create Together. Have Fun.

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Our Mission

To unite and expand the community of improvisers in Tampere and throughout Finland.


Yes, AND

Improv is “yes, AND!” It is taking your teammate’s suggestion, accepting it, and building on top of it, offering something in return. For over two years, the improvAcademy has been injecting Chicago Style Improvisation into the Finnish improv scene!

Whether you are new to improv, or a touring professional, the improvAcademy has ways to open your mind to new ideas and philosophies, both on and off the stage!


9 Core Values

Play – Listen – Accept – Build – Support – Trust – Fail – Commit – Laugh


iA Studio Space

We are located right in the heart of Downtown Tampere, immediately across the street from the Tampere Bus Station. Our office is approximately 80m², with a rehearsal room of about 30m². Our studio rental rates are the cheapest in town!

We also boast an office space of over 45m², which operates as a co-working space for creative individuals and businesses.

Ready for More?

Whether you have a question about our Courses, our Corporate & Group Training Services, or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!!